About the Movie


RichMo, the lead singer of the band JUDAH, is dealing with the suicide of his wife. He starts out being an artist who says no to the traps of Hollywood, to someone who enjoys the spoils of fame. As time goes on we see him become somebody he desperately tried not to be, and succumbs to the life.

Director’s Statement

AWAKEN is a movie that deals with the struggles of someone who is left behind after suicide. Many times with tragedies we focus on the victim, but rarely do we focus on the others who are also affected when their love one is hurt or their life has been taken. It also touches on mental illness and the effects that it has.

The protagonist is not only dealing with being a suicide survivor but also has to find the strength to recognize that he needs therapy to help him deal with his pain. In many communities this is seen as weakness or taboo. This movie helps to inform that no matter where you come from you aren’t immune to human suffering and that it’s okay to seek help or to talk to someone about what you may be going through.

So many people are suffering from mental illness and many families are devastated by the suicide of a loved one. We want to shed light on these issues and hope that someone who sees this movie will seek help or get help for their love ones when they recognize the signs.